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J.T. Kerr Memorial Baptist Church

Greetings in the Name of the Lord:

My sincere prayer is that all of you have made a renewed resolution for the 2015 that God will be the head of your life and your household. The Lord has blessed us all beyond measure during this past year in spite of situations and circumstances that seemed unfavorable or uncombrtable to us at that partidular time. God always knows what is best for us even though we sometimes think that we know better. God's will for our lives is that we should prosper as our souls prosper. In order for our souls to prosper, we must continue to strive for a closer relationship with the God of our salvation, our Creator and our Redeemer.

If you have not already done so, make it your top priority to establish or reeastablish a right relationship with the Lord. You can do this by living according to his Holy Word, the Bible. Make a commitment to attend more church services: including Prayer Meeting, Bible Study and Sunday School, and make a commitment to pay your tithes and offerings to the Lord.

Your commitment to studying "to shew thyself approved unto God.." will help you to realize that tithing is not an arbitrary act but it s the will of God. The extent of our commitment to the Lord will determine the magnitude of our blessings. What God has for me, it is for me and what God has for you is for you.

May God Bless you all,

Rev. Preston L. & Mrs. Leytricia Harris.